Never Mind the Facts, Here Come the Regulators

In what appears to be yet another example of our gov’t giving us poor sheep what we need instead of what we want, the FCC may be about to pass net neutrality a few days before Christmas. Does this remind anyone else of healthcare votes at midnight?

The general premise of net neutrality is to ensure that all communications over the net are treated equally, without content from one provider being given special preference over another on a pay-for-play basis. Rather than let things play out in the market, the FCC has decided to ride in and regulate this currently unregulated area in the name of freedom. How often has increased gov’t oversight resulted in more freedom? What a load of bull.

Redstate has more.

4 thoughts on “Never Mind the Facts, Here Come the Regulators

  1. I’m surprised that you are framing this as a “Regulation” issue, because I see it as a preemptive strike to prevent the Telecom industry from regulating the Internet as THEY see fit, to create the “pay to play” system where customers and providers have to pay more to prioritize specific content like video or VOIP. They had already tried setting their servers to ignore (drop, not pass through) certain content based on the source and were told that was a no no.

    • Name me an instance where government intruding into private business has increased freedom.

      It also occurs to me that, in my experience, streaming video is one of the main things that slows down internet service for everyone on a broadband connection. If ISPs are forced to treat all content equally, speeds for everyone could suffer.

      • Two can play that game. Name me one instance where deregulation has been good for consumer rights.

        “Freedom” is such a generic term. Yes regulation takes away businesses freedom to screw customers, inflate prices, eliminate competition, use deceptive advertising, or hide losses from stock holders. Regulation gives consumers the freedom to make informed decisions by trying to hold businesses accountable to some minimum standard.

        And yes, I agree government intruding into private business has improperly taken away peoples freedom: like the freedom to marry a consenting adult of the same sex. That is their private business. 🙂 I know you literally meant businesses but I’m having some fun.

        • Good job with not answering the question.

          I know that you think more gov’t is the answer to everything and that we sheep can’t conduct our own affairs without it being a large part of our daily lives.

          Don’t worry. I’m sure some federal judge will find the “right” to gay marriage somewhere in the Constitution (probably in the good and plenty clause) and Adam and Steve can start to legally become husband and husband all across the country.

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