The Libs Are Finally Getting What They Want

Liberal talking heads, the media, and the democrats should stand up and crow. They have just cause to celebrate: their baseless drumbeat of blaming the Tea Party, Palin, Limbaugh, et al. for Tucson has finally started to produce fruit.

Today, a man who was injured in the Tucson shooting spree was taken into custody by police for threatening a Tea Party leader at a ABC video taping session. Who else would he hold responsible for his injuries and the deaths of six others this past weekend, given all of the crap that the democrats have been spewing?

I don’t think this is exactly what the media had in mind per se, since some of its members probably wanted Palin killed by some lefty whack job. Death threats against Palin have reportedly skyrocketed since the Tucson shootings. But this is the next best thing to knocking off a leader of the conservative movement, isn’t it? A volatile atmosphere with people at each other’s throats, all courtesy of fake news, false pretenses, and contrived story lines. What better pretext for the government to insert itself further into our lives, all under the guise of restoring calm?

Any injuries or deaths that come about through this animosity ginned up by the dems and the media need to be laid at the feet of those responsible. Fingers must be pointed and pointed truly. We must diffuse this situation before it expands out of control, becoming a crisis large enough for Obama to seize even more power and shred more of the Constitution. Responsible citizens need to understand the game being played and what the stakes are before it’s too late.

3 thoughts on “The Libs Are Finally Getting What They Want

  1. I’m not following you. I’m a Liberal and this doesn’t sound like anything I want. If you are being sarcastic I’m not catching that, and if you are being serious it sounds like another crazy prediction that won’t come true.

    • This isn’t a prediction, dude. This is what’s happening now. I updated the post to include this link to the massive increase in death threats against Palin. Do you think she deserves this and, if so, why?

  2. Thanks for the link. No I don’t think she deserves that. I don’t want death threats against anyone. I don’t like guns, I’m not a fan of murder, and I don’t even like the fact that we are still causing/receiving casualties in military action around the world.

    My “prediction” comment was in reference your concern about this “becoming a crisis large enough for Obama to seize even more power and shred more of the Constitution.” I’m sorry, but this is not “9/11” and not big enough to push through anything the size and scope of say a Patriot Act.

    I find it ironic that you are preaching against ratcheting up the rhetoric NOW that Sarah Palin and conservative voices are getting death threats (I’m sure they were previously as well), but I don’t recall you speaking out about it even as over-zealous media groups and individuals were blaming the shooting on the Tea Party, Palin, Limbaugh, and lefty wacko atheist liberals.

    Do you think FoxNews and the Republicans/Conservatives ever cross the line with their fear mongering? Are things really that much worse than previous liberal/democrat leaders like Clinton or Carter? Is the country in so much more danger that change towards the right must come by any means necessary and any speech is free game??? Are we not past the days of gentlemen settling disagreements by dueling with pistols, where the person who “wins” the argument is not the person who is most correct or logical or convincing but the person with the best aim or the one who survives being shot. In that case I wonder if Gabrielle Giffords has ever considered running for President?

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