4 thoughts on “Slaves and Masters

  1. Obama’s bowing again! Why? I wonder why he thinks he must do this? Does he have a real sense of subservience? Is he trying to curry favor? In reality, all he does is show his complete lack of understanding of how he should behave. How many times has he done this since assuming the Presidency? Ugh!

  2. Some people see it as a sign of kindness and respect. A quick Google Image search reveals other Presidents bowing to leaders of other countries and the Pope. Some are possible taken out of context (leaning head down to receive a medal, bowing head to pray) others appear to be public displays of respect. When leaders visit each others countries they should start out the visit respecting each other even if they end up disagreeing about most things. (Hope I enter my HTML correctly)

  3. I didn’t

    President Richard Nixon bowing to Emperor Hirohito of Japan

    President Bush bowing to the Pope

    President Eisenhower bowing to De Gaulle, the president of France, A Republican, bowing to a Frenchman!

    Eisenhower bowing to the Queen

    • How many trillions of dollars did America owe to the countries represented by these individuals at the times the various bows were made?

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