Glenn Beck Eviscerates Chris Matthews

Glenn Beck went into full rant mode this morning going off on Chris Matthews’ blasting Michele Bachman. Great fun to listen to (and watch). Watch it all the way to the end to hear Beck lampoon Matthews for possibly inciting violence against Bachman.

5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Eviscerates Chris Matthews

  1. I kinda thought it was funny that he started to tell them to play the clip from Keith. Oops, he is not on TV anymore.

    Glenn Beck just continues to look like a jerk and a fool. I’m so sick of this kind of sensationalized and dramatized news reporting on the pretense of it being opinion and entertainment. However I found the full clip of Chris Matthews and I think he was incredibly rude to his guest from the Tea Party. I don’t like it and I can’t defend his actions either. But Beck didn’t call Matthews out for the way he treated his guest, or for trying to make the Tea Party look bad by distorting what she said, because Glenn Beck knows that he does the same thing. Here is the unedited clip if you can stand to listen to it.

    • I’m a little confused by “I’m so sick of this kind of sensationalized and dramatized news reporting on the pretense of it being opinion and entertainment.” Beck’s fans know he does a political talk show, not hard news. At any rate . . .

      I wondered if you would comment on this, since Beck pokes holes in Matthews’ opinion that the Constitution is flawed because it allowed slavery and because you seem to hold the same view. Further, he used liberal arguments against Matthews by saying the progressives are evil and flawed by failing to eradicate lack of health care, homelessness, etc. year after year.

      The full text of the Frederick Douglas speech Beck is talking about is at Search for “three” to find the quotes Beck uses.

  2. I have just lost my taste for any talking head that gets angry, rude to guests, interrupts people, mocks them. They are on news channels, they are on news radio. They are not the Daily show on Comedy Central. They are not on Bravo or E! or HBO. They are all undermining their own journalistic integrity by continuing to actively participate in these types of discussions just because it is popular and this is what the people want.

    I’ll have to read the Fredrick Douglass speech later. But I do think the founding fathers did what they can to set the groundwork for growth and change as the country evolved and matured. They put as much as they could get the states to accept and agree on and they compromised and came up short in some areas, but most of that is only clear now in retrospect. The masses would not accept something that outright said women could vote and slavery is abolished and “All men” actually includes blacks and the native Indians and women. I think Chris Matthews went to far in the way he pushed and I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that she did not mean what she said in the way he took it. I do find it hard to believe that she meant it the way Beck spun it but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on that.

    Civilization has just become so uncivilized…

    • Tell me about it. Obama has called me a bitter clinger, referred to my political movement as tea baggers, and told Republicans to sit in the back. Democrat Rep. Jim Moran, D-VA, recently said the dems got their clocks cleaned last November because I’m a racist. There’s damn little civility to be found.

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