Gracie Could Use a Hand

I’m sure many of the people who happen to read this have no idea who Gracie Martin is or why they should care, so let me volunteer a little information.

Gracie is a talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, and worship leader here in Springdale. Her incredible voice is the main reason I wanted to be part of the SpringCreek Fellowship praise band a few years ago. She’s a new mom, devoted wife, loving daughter, and dedicated Christ follower.

After being at SpringCreek for a while, I began to learn of the myriad of health issues Gracie faces. I also noticed that she never complained about her problems even when she had trouble getting out of her seat and making it up the two stairs to the worship platform.

In my mind, it would be easy for someone like Gracie to be bitter. Here’s this talented, 25-year-old woman with her whole life in front of her and she’s having to deal with debilitating arthritis, a ruptured disk, painful psoriasis, and other assorted health problems. It seems to me she might have a right to complain.

I mentioned this to her once and she said that she’s blessed; that there are other people all around us who are in worse shape than she is and she’s privileged to have Jesus as her Lord.

Gracie and her husband Jacob became parents a few weeks ago with the birth of their son Max. Gracie’s health worsened during the pregnancy, reaching the point where she has been referred to the Mayo Clinic. The doctors there may be able to accurately diagnose the source of her problems and prescribe treatment but protracted illnesses and the procedures to deal with them are often expensive.

I encourage everyone who can spare a few dollars to donate to The Martins Go To Mayo. The money will be used to offset the cost of procedures, consultations, and other expenses surrounding the Martin family’s trip to Rochester, MN. Gracie is an unassuming person who doesn’t ask for much. I know she and Jacob will appreciate any help you can give them.