Will a Republican Majority Compromise?

Darrell Issa, R-CA, doesn’t sound like he gets it. As Rush says, we aren’t voting the Republicans into power so they can compromise with Imam Obama and his 40 Czars. We want Obama stopped at every turn and legislation peeled back if it’s humanly possible. Issa talks about “Republican principles.” Their principles haven’t given us crap. Let’s put some conservative principles back into action. Continue reading

Change or Die

The republican party, on a national level, continues to show that it has learned nothing from McCain’s defeat. Michael Steele has demonstrated that he’s clueless as to what the party base will tolerate from its leaders.

The politicians who seek to win elections through giving up conservative principles fail to realize the republican party has to change or die. If the establishment throws its weight behind another McCain (like Gingrich or Huckabee) in 2012 it will practically be guaranteeing itself a loss. At least one third party conservative candidate will rise up to make sure of it.

If the gop fails to return to its roots, it will die. If the party leaders are unwilling or unable to accompish this return, I wish the party good riddance. The conservative movement will continue to grow. Whether or not the republican party bosses have the sense to ride the crest of that movement remains to be seen.